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Hello, it's me, Philip.

From 2018 to 2020, I was employed as EU Project Coordinator at the University of Salzburg where I achieved a doctoral degree in 'Sport and Exercise Science'. I also pursued a Ph.D. in 'Methods, Models and Technologies' at the University of Cassino e Lazio Meridionale. Before, I conducted research for the EU-project 'WINNER' and contributed to the quality control for 2.5 years. As project coordinator, my duty was to monitor the implementation of the project and to coordinate the activities of the 6 participating universities from different countries, each one collaborating with associated partner institutions. The EU projects addressed Dual Career (combining education and sports) whereas my doctoral studies focused on movement analyses and training science (Salzburg) and performance testing and device assessment (Cassino). The diversity of fields in sports science is really something special and enjoyable.


I love science but, even more, I appreciate its practical benefits in application. Getting the edge in practice thanks to better know-how, that is what fascinates and motivates me - and what often is perceived to be missing in research. I would even call it one of my strengths to comprehend the scope and effects of a specific theoretical finding and to deliver 'applicable theory' with practical benefits. This is certainly what gave and still gives me, as a trainer and practitioner, the edge in high-performance training and martial arts.


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Thanks for dropping in and enjoy your stay!

Feel free to contact me, whether for scientific discussions or cooperation, training requests, or just personal exchange.


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Dr. Philip X. Fuchs, PhD      University of Salzburg, Schlossallee 49, 5400 Hallein, Austria         philip.fuchs@sbg.ac.at         +43 (0)680 2459 225