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Hi, it's me, Philip X. FUCHS or 阿立老師.

In February 2023, I started as an Asst. Professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (National Taiwan Normal University). My primary fields include biomechanical movement analyses, research methodology, and the evaluation of sports equipment/technologies. In my new position, I have plenty of new opportunities regarding the supervision of students and application for funds including international joint research. If you are a committed student, a researcher, or a developer of sports equipment/technologies, please consult the collaboration section for more information about options that may be interesting to you.

From 01/2021 to 01/2023, I worked as a Post-Doc researcher at the Department of Athletic Performance (National Taiwan Normal University). I have been involved in a number of research projects, collaborate with industrial partners, and help students in conducting scientific research. My main focus during this period was on the evaluation of sports technologies (e.g. local positioning tracking and pressure sensor insoles).

From 2018 to 2020, I was employed as Project Coordinator of the 'AMiD' EU project at the University of Salzburg. My task was to monitor the implementation of the project and to coordinate the activities of a core team of 6 participating universities from different countries, each one collaborating with partner institutions. Before, I conducted research for the 'WINNER' EU project and contributed to quality control for 2.5 years. Both EU projects addressed the challenges of Dual Careers (combining education and sports).

I obtained a doctoral degree in 'Sport and Exercise Science' at the University of Salzburg (Austria) and a Ph.D. in 'Methods, Models and Technologies' at the University of Cassino e Lazio Meridionale (Italy). My doctoral studies focused on movement analyses and training science (Salzburg) and performance testing and device assessment (Cassino). The diversity of fields in sports science is really something special and enjoyable.


I love science but, even more, I appreciate its practical benefits in application. Getting the edge in practice thanks to better know-how is what fascinates and motivates me - and what often is perceived to be missing in research. I would even call it one of my strengths to comprehend the relevance, scope, and effects of a specific theoretical finding on the practical application in the real world.


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Dr. Philip X. Fuchs, PhD      No 88, Sec 4, Tingzhou Rd, Wenshan Dist, 116 Taipei, Taiwan       philip.fuchs@ntnu.edu.tw     +43 (0)680 2459 225