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I offer graduate and Ph.D. courses in the sections "Common Elective Courses" (共同選修課程) and "Sports Biomechanics" (運動生物力學群):

  • Research of Applied Mechanics in Biomechanics 應用生物力學研究 (PEC0128, fall semester):
    Although you may think mechanics (physics) is a very dry and complicated topic, this course explains mechanical concepts in easy-to-understand daily life situations and we go to the gym to explore how these mechanics are applied, how they affect our body, and how we can improve our sports performance as well as our observational and analytical skills to become better coaches/teachers. 
  • Analytical Studies in Sport Sciences 運動科學文獻分析 (PEC0104, fall semester):
    This course is a mix of the teacher's explanations and the students' practice of how to approach and study any topic in sport science (how to gain knowledge). It covers a variety of aspects from searching online resources and assessing evidence to interpreting and synthesizing findings as well as handling controversies. All these aspects are relevant in conducting research and writing your own thesis.  
  • Academic Writing and Oral Presentations for Sport Sciences 運動科學專業英文寫作與口語表達 (PEC8008, spring semester):
    At the beginning of the course, the teacher explains as well as displays how to write scientific manuscripts and how to present scientific studies in academic environments like conferences and seminars. During the semester, students practice this by presenting their current works and receiving feedback for improvements.
  • Special Topics in Sports Equipment Design 運動器材設計專題研究 (PEC0130, spring semester):
    This course introduces students to general topics that are relevant in the context of sports equipment and technologies in science and industrial product development as well as specific exemplary topics. Students select their own topic of interest at the beginning of the semester. This may be any equipment, technology, measurement system, tool, device, or even software that is used in sports practice or science. During the semester, students apply the previous learnings by collecting information about their selected equipment, sharing what they found out, and explaining how it works and how it can be applied in sports. 

If you are interested in conducting research together, you should check the courses and consider enrolling in one or two at least. In particular, there are options for thesis supervision and project application including half-time and full-time positions as assistants, PhD students, and Post-Docs. If you are interested in such funded positions, it may be smart to select a topic for one of these courses that can be integrated into my research activities (see Science & Research for more information and a list of current topics) and to talk with me as soon as possible about your plans.


Supervision / Co-supervision

If you are interested in writing your undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. thesis under my supervision, contact me to discuss the topics and schedule. The topic should be in the fields of biomechanics or training science. If you already have a supervisor but look for additional guidance in specific aspects like methodology, statistics, or scientific writing, it may be a smart choice to ask me to be your co-supervisor. 

Dr. Philip X. Fuchs, PhD        No 162, Sec 1, Heping East Rd, Da'an, 106 Taipei, Taiwan         philip.fuchs@ntnu.edu.tw       +886 (0)933 073162